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COMOS-Software -from Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations

Increasing international competition makes it more and more important for plant design engineers and plant operating personnel to boost productivity and quality. To minimize design cost and time, and maximize equipment uptime plant engineers and operating personnel must optimize their workflows. The success factors involved in achieving these goals are continuous innovation and consistent data management using an optimum software solution concept. Life Cycle Engineering, combined with the leading-edge COMOS software, is the solution for achieving these goals: COMOS supports end-to-end plant asset management across the entire lifecycle of an industrial plant.

COMOS at a glance

With its unified data platform the integrated software solution COMOS provides plant design engineers, plant operating personnel, company management, and solution partners with a continuous flow of data that meet their specific needs across all project phases.

One requirement for effective plant management is optimum networking and coordination of all disciplines and departments involved in the engineering and operation of a plant. The software solution COMOS is the basis for the cooperation of worldwide collaboration across the entire lifecycle of a plant.The integrated COMOS software concept is based on object orientation. Components are described holistically and displayed graphically in their true-to-life representation. The graphical and data-related description, which includes all data associated with the component, forms a single unit within the database – the object. Related data sheets, lists, and other documents are linked to the corresponding objects.

comos at a glance

COMOS Platform

The product range of COMOS Platform provides you with a perfect foundation for comprehensive, integrated asset management. This is where the entire equipment, such as piping, measuring points and other objects, is administrated, described with attributes, and evaluated.

The resulting corporate information portal enables fast access to quality-assured data. You can thus be sure that the right user gets the right information at the right time. The data of all application domains is stored centrally and in object-oriented form on a shared database, which means data consistency is guaranteed at all times. Any changes made to an application are therefore immediately available to all other disciplines and departments without the need for interfaces. This affords you optimum transparency and interoperability – over the full plant lifecycle. Moreover, the open system architecture of COMOS supports the connection of third-party systems via automated interfaces.

comos platform

COMOS Process

Consistent plant engineering with COMOS Process. COMOS – Making data work.

The product range of COMOS Process includes integrated software solutions for process engineering. At an early stage of plant design, layout data can be used to create process flow diagrams that form the basis for the more precisely defined piping and instrumentation diagram. Intelligent rules serve to identify any inconsistencies early on in the project so that errors in the downstream engineering process can be avoided. COMOS Process supports quality-controlled pipe engineering and pipe spec management conforming to international industry standards. Translation of process data on the geometric level in the form of isometrics and 3D images is easy to derive.

comos process

COMOS Automation

Fast & easy EI&C engineering with COMOS Automation. COMOS – Making data work.

The product range of COMOS Automation supports electrical engineering for plant and equipment through to full automation covering all processes relevant to electrical, instrumentation and control engineering. The seamless transition from basic to detail engineering reduces iteration loops and simplifies documentation and revision management. Function planning is effected in a standards-compliant manner and is thus efficient and error-free – including the automation function.

comos automation

COMOS Operations

Secure asset management with COMOS Operations. COMOS – Making data work.

The product range of COMOS Operations provides a perfect solution for an efficient plant management strategy. The engineering data for plant and equipment can be utilized and updated during operations – in fact, engineering and operations merge into a single IT entity on a shared database. There are modules for end-to-end, structured and fully automatic planning and organization of all engineering, inspection and maintenance tasks as well as revamping or decommissioning.

comos operation

COMOS Lifecycle

Comprehensive information management with COMOS Lifecycle. COMOS - Making data work.

COMOS Lifecycle allows comprehensive information management throughout all plant lifecycle phases, regardless of functional assignment. This enables you to profit from maximum reliability in decision-making and from worldwide access to data and documents, for example, via mobile applications and through the integration of SharePoint.

comos lifecycle

COMOS Walkinside

Powerful 3D visualization with COMOS Walkinside. COMOS - Making data work.

COMOS Walkinside enables the usage of 3D engineering data from the basic and detail engineering phases throughout the entire asset lifecycle.Highly complex process plant models can be represented realistically in three dimensions, with COMOS acting as a global data center. Up-to-date plant data is always available and can be used not only for engineering and monitoring purposes, but also for operation and training. Service and maintenance work can be planned, simulated and executed efficiently. COMOS Walkinside offers solutions for 3D virtual reality model building and viewing. It can be used for immersive operator training and delivers tools for efficient data exchange with third party applications as well as distributed real-time collaboration.

comos walk inside