Solar Energy Services

solar energy services

Once you decide to switch to green energy, Xyntech experts can manage the process of making it happen. Xyntech is there at every step to strengthen your energy decisions. You receive clear recommendations, analytics, and market intelligence relevant to your needs. Xyntech provides expert consulting services during every stage of the solar project development life cycle from concept to commissioning and beyond through operations and maintenance (O&M) services. We pride ourselves in offering the very best quality assurance (QA) and engineering services for the solar industry. Our consulting and design services include in-house electrical, civil and structural engineers and as follow-up services we offer QA inspections during construction, performance testing and commissioning services after construction. We also offer ongoing evaluation services of existing systems and troubleshooting of any kind.

Services :

  • Provide a site review
  • Conduct a design analysis
  • Outline equipment options for modules, inverters, and balance-of-system components
  • Consult with clients and manufacturers
  • Review utility interconnection requirements and considerations
  • Consider electrical and building permit requirements
  • Provide utility incentive documentation, if applicable
  • Conduct performance modeling and estimation
  • Provide recommendation on whether to proceed with final design, procurement of materials, and construction
  • Assist with selection of construction contractor(s)
  • Site plan and array layout
  • Electrical and grounding strategy
  • Module racking method
  • Balance of system (BOS) components and required labeling
  • Equipment pad or skid structural engineering and mechanical drawings
  • Data acquisition system (DAS) plan
  • Utility interconnection method
  • Civil engineering including erosion & sediment control, SWPPPs, CUPs, and oversight of related permitting processes.
  • Final commissioning and documentation.
  • Performance testing of system.
  • IV curve tracing and analysis.
  • Creation of, or verification of, as-built drawings.
  • Third-party inspections & review of construction contractor documentation.
  • Remote support and data analysis
  • Development of operation manuals and maintenance checklists
  • Optional training workshop for maintenance personnel (on-site or at SEI training facility)
  • Perform or arrange for required maintenance in order to meet product warranty requirements
  • Warranty claim assistance and expert witness testimony
  • In-person inspection at first anniversary of final commissioning
  • Initial and on-going consultation with construction contractor on design implementation and construction
  • On-site quality control (QC) inspections with documentation and reporting at specified progress intervals
  • Final on-site acceptance inspection and report
  • Consulting and equipment review for PV product developers
  • Final punch-list documentation
  • Unbiased source of technical support

Our Custom Products

Off-Grid Solar Power Plant:

A complete tailor made solutions to your home and commercial Solar Power Plant needs. We offer Off Grid Solar Power Plants customizable to 1 kw, 5kw, 48 kw etc. as per your requirement of green and clean energy. Solar Energy Plant helps you in saving the electricity cost in long term by a huge margin.

Solar Panels For Home - Solar Grid Connected Systems:

Solar power plant connected to the utility grid, supplying energy when the conditions are right. Grid-connected systems are useful in both, managing excessive loads and optimizing costs.

Rooftop Solar Power Plant:

Rooftop Solar Power Plant have increased in demand as people have now become aware of the advantages of Solar rooftop systems, they not only have helped in reducing electricity bills but with the increasing number of solar powered systems installed in houses and offices we are saving the environment. Rooftop photovoltaic power systems use solar panels installed on rooftops of residential/commercial buildings where the sunlight is abundant and unhindered. Such systems can be installed in conjunction with the conventional supply.

Solar Water Heater:

A latest technology used by Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) makes them highly efficient and operationally superior water heater. The Evacuated Plates absorb solar energy and the vacuum between the two glasses insulates against heat loss. These Solar Water Heating systems perfectly designed for performance and durability, enduring both time and extreme conditions to which the collectors are exposed.
“There's no longer any question. Solar is the smart choice for homes and businesses. Energy costs are expected to increase every year. But with a solar system designed and installed by you can save on your energy bills.

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